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    Tuff Span Panels Gain Florida Building Code Approval

    Enduro Composites is pleased to announce our Tuff Span 7.2 X 1.5 250 series roofing and siding panel has received Florida Building Code approval. The product is commonly used in chemically aggressive industrial facilities and as daylighting panels in metal buildings. Tuff Span's FRP panel technology provides market leading structural performance, corrosion resistance and UV protection. These benefits are key to ensuring a long-lasting building solution in high wind areas and corrosive environments. For more information on Tuff Span, click on the link below. Read more

    Panels gain TDI Windstorm, Florida Building Code & UL Class 90 Certifications!

    In addition to Florida Building Code approval and UL Class 90 Uplift rating received in 2018, our 12x1.25R Series 150 roofing and siding panel has received Texas (TDI) Windstorm approval.   These certifications will increase code compliance and usage for this product, which is commonly utilized as natural light transmitting panels in metal buildings. For more information about how FRP can address your industry-specific challenges, please contact a representative. Read more

    Another Milestone for Tuff Span Panels! CAN/ULC S-134 Fire Test

    A Tuff Span wall assembly has passed CAN/ULCS-134 Full-Scale Exterior Wall Fire Test, which is the Canadian Test comparable to NFPA 285. The wall assembly complies with Section of NBC 2010 and as a result, over 250,000 SF of panels were installed at a Potash process building. The Tuff Span wall assembly, which is also FM approved, is the first FRP profiled building panel to pass this test. Read more

    Panels gain Florida Building Code Approval & UL Class 90 Rating

    Enduro Composites is pleased to announce our 12 x 1.25R Series 150 roofing and siding panel has received Florida Building Code approval. The product, which is commonly used as daylighting panels in metal buildings, has also achieved the important UL Class 90 rating. This involved UL 580 uplift testing, which required withstanding pressure differential of 105 psf, including positive pressure of 48.5 psf combined with negative pressure of 56.5 psf. Read more

    Answers to Your Tuff Span Building Panel Questions

    Ever wonder how FRP panels stack up against traditional materials? What about protection against the sun? Which Tuff Span™ panels are walkable? Below are some of the most frequent questions we receive about Enduro's Tuff Span™ fiberglass building panels.   Q: Are Tuff Span™ building panels the strongest FRP material? A: Yes, based on equal product weight comparisons. For higher strength and stiffness, Tuff Span™ FRP panels typically have 15-20% more reinforcing content than woven and 40% more than chopped strand materials. The straight, continuous, bi-directional alignment utilized in Tuff Span™ is the most efficient means for load Read more