Premium Performance Providing Long Service Life

Cooling Tower Panels / Casing Panels

Cooling Tower Panels / Casing Panels

cooling towerHigh Quality FRP Materials

Life Cycle Cost Savings & Better Appearance

DuroSpanTM casing panels from Enduro Composites offer premium performance for end users. Providing long service life, the high quality, FRP materials deliver significant life cycle cost savings.

Superior Strength

Longer Spans & Low Cost Installation

DuroSpanTM reinforced plastic panels are much stronger than PVC or chopped strand casing. With high content of continuous glass fiber reinforcements, 35% by weight, aligned for optimum performance, the panels have superior strength and stiffness. This results in longer span capability and lower cost installation.

Corrosion Resistance + UV Protection

Long Service Life & No Maintenance

Maintenance free, DuroSpan™ materials do not corrode in wet or tough industrial conditions. Its premium, UV stabilized polyester resin ensures long service life and extended retention of aesthetic properties.

Global Leader in FRP

Providing Value & Best in Service to Our Customers

As one of the largest suppliers of fiberglass (FRP/GRP) products in the world, Enduro’s manufacturing capability is one of the most diversified in the fiberglass composites industry.

We are dedicated to developing products and solutions that deliver meaningful value and service for our customers. With a history of innovation and industry firsts, our fiber reinforced polymer solutions have earned worldwide respect and recognition.