Improve Treatment Plant Operations

Fiberglass Launder Covers

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Improve Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

Prevent Algae Growth & Block Debris

Controlling growth of algae formed in the clarifier effluent stream is a challenge for today’s modern water and wastewater treatment plants. Left unchecked, algae can change hydraulic dynamics of clarifiers by obstructing weir design features typically found in v-notched weir configurations.

Furthermore, at plants utilizing newer ultraviolet disinfection technology, larger algae strands tend to dislodge and move downstream through the plant to substantially cover UV bulbs making them ineffective and eventually may cause the expensive bulbs to fail all together.

Improving operations, Enduro Launder Covers prevent algae growth plus act as a weather and debris barrier for the launder. In addition, the covers contain odor and gas emissions associated with water and wastewater treatment operations.

Superior Strength & Corrosion Resistance

Enduro Launder Covers consist of multiple, high strength sections fabricated to the contour of the clarifier or tank. Each section extends from the tank wall inward over the launder and weir to the scum baffle. With superior corrosion resistance and strength, use of FRP components ensures long, maintenance-free service life.

Custom Design

Fiberglass launder covers from Enduro Composites are custom designed for both round and rectangular tanks and provide important value for water and wastewater operations:

  • Continuously inhibit algae growth
  • Light weight cost effective solution
  • Safe, reliable and efficient
  • Operable access for inspections and maintenance
  • Odor and vapor containment
  • Long, reliable service

Low-Maintenance Structure

The FRP launder cover system inhibits (direct) sunlight from reaching the elevated growth areas at the clarifier launder and weir by forming a continuous protective environment above the effluent stream. Once installed, the system provides an attractive yet extremely low maintenance, passive structure designed to eliminate algae growth issues.

Additional benefits of the system help to prevent windblown debris like leaves, plastic bags, etc. from entering the stream and may also help to contain localized odors if present in the effluent trough – weir area.

Global Leader in FRP

Providing Value & Best in Service to Our Customers

As one of the largest suppliers of fiberglass (FRP/GRP) products in the world, Enduro’s manufacturing capability is one of the most diversified in the fiberglass composites industry.

We are dedicated to developing products and solutions that deliver meaningful value and service for our customers. With a history of innovation and industry firsts, our fiber reinforced polymer solutions have earned worldwide respect and recognition.