Tuff Span™ Fiberglass (FRP) Building Materials

Tuff Span™ FRP Building Products

Owners, maintenance, and plant personnel love what Tuff Span™ fiberglass building materials from Enduro provides.

The FRP roof and wall systems eliminate maintenance, reduce plant downtime, deliver life cost savings, and improve work conditions. By selecting Tuff Span™ fiberglass building products, clients can count on outstanding performance for corrosive and demanding structural conditions.

Fiberglass Building Products

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FRP Building Material FAQ

What are fiberglass (frp/grp) composites?

Fiberglass composites are composed of fiberglass fibers that reinforce a surrounding material, typically a thermoset resin, which is called the matrix. The matrix can be tailored to suit different applications. 

What are the benefits of fiberglass composites?

Specific benefits vary depending upon the exact type of fibers and matrix employed. Because fiberglass composites are extremely versatile and customizable, the resins and fibers can be chosen according to the needs of the application. Enduro's line of fiberglass composite materials are specifically designed to meet the needs of highly corrosive, high strength, and high temperature environments.

Why choose fiberglass (frp/grp) composites over wood, steel, or concrete?

Fiberglass composites are cost effective, especially for complex shapes. They have a superior strength-to-weight ratio and are electrically non-conductive. Their corrosion resistance and high heat distortion temperatures contribute to reduced maintenance and overall life-cycle savings.

What industries can benefit from fiberglass (frp/grp) composite materials?

Fiberglass composites are ideal for a number of industries, such as oil & gas, offshore drilling, chemical & petrochemical, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, metal processing, waste & wastewater, and food processing.


FRP Building Solutions for Challenging Conditions

Tuff Span™ fiberglass building products from Enduro offer a total corrosion-resistant structural solution for industrial and commercial applications. With higher content of glass fiber reinforcements, the composite building materials are stronger than non-metallic alternatives. With UV stabilized vinyl ester or iso-polyester resin and exterior coating, superior corrosion resistance and UV protection is provided. The composite building materials offer:

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Superior strength
    • Lightweight
    • FM & UL certifications
    • Temperature/fire resistance

Proven, Reliable Performance

With a long history of outstanding performance and progressive product innovation, our fiberglass (FRP/GRP) building products deliver a broad range of roof, wall, and structural solutions.