Fiberglass (FRP) Cable Tray

Fiberglass Cable Tray

Enduro cable tray (cable ladder) has long been the industry standard for high quality fiberglass cable tray. Made from the highest quality pultruded materials, Enduro FRP cable tray is extremely durable and resistant to chemical attack. Our fiberglass cable tray has been used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe, including offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and metal refineries, and water treatment plants.

For instrumentation and cable runs, Enduro offers two types of cable tray, ladder cable tray and channel cable tray. Channel cable tray is available in a wide range of widths, and ideal for pneumatic tubing and low-voltage or communications cables. Enduro also offers lightweight cable tray designed with snap-on cover available with solid or slotted bottom. This cable tray is available in 50mm and 80mm depths and suited for secondary and tertiary tray runs, as well as fiber-optic or low-voltage cables.

Both cable ladder types are available in multiple resin systems, and offered as a complete system including fittings, supports, and accessories.

To learn more about our fiberglass cable tray, please contact us or download the Enduro FRP Solutions for Cable Management Systems Catalog.

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Fiberglass Cable Tray Uses

Enduro’s fiberglass cable tray systems have undergone world-class quality testing in our on-site testing laboratory. Our decades of experience, design capabilities, and comprehensive quality control ensure that Enduro’s fiberglass cable tray consistently delivers results for various uses. Our cable tray is built to perform in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments.

    • Support electrical cable in highly corrosive environments
    • Designed for lighter loads
    • Individual wiring and pneumatic tubing
    • Retrofitting rusting applications
    • Low-voltage or communications cables
    • Fiber-optic cables
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic tubing

Enduro Fiberglass Cable Tray Features

Our experienced technical staff has encountered unique design concerns and needs over the years. Taking this into consideration, our fiberglass cable tray has been designed to deliver quality performance in some of the harshest and most demanding environments across the globe. Some of the unique features that allow our cable tray to perform so well include:

    • Solid bottom, perforated (ventilated), or slotted construction
    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength-to-weight ratio
    • High durability
    • Lightweight
    • Fire retardant
    • Ease of installation

Enduro Fiberglass Cable Tray Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Fiberglass Cable Trays

What is an FRP/GRP cable tray?

An FRP/GRP cable tray is an integral part of cable management systems that provides support to electrical cables, protecting them from the harsh environment.

What is a cable tray used for?

Cable trays are used as a piece of cable management system that protects cables from heating, corrosive chemicals, the elements, and much more so that your operation may run smoothly. Enduro cable tray can also reduce shock hazard, provide a non-conductive surface for cable, and fitting rusting applications. They are commonly needed in industries like offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and metal refineries, and water treatment plants.

How do I select the right cable tray?

You can get an idea of which cable tray will fit your operational needs by downloading the Enduro FRP Solutions for Cable Management Systems catalog or by contacting us.

What are the different types of cable trays?
Enduro offers a variety of cable trays, all of which are made from high-quality pultruded materials and are extremely durable and resistant to chemical attack. Depending on your needs, cable trays may come in a range of widths and have the possibility to have a solid or slotted bottom as well as a snap-on cover.
What are the advantages of fiberglass for cable trays?

Fiberglass cable trays are lightweight, high strength, have flexible installation, and can withstand harsh environments making them ideal for cable management systems in challenging conditions faced by industries like chemical plants and construction.