Universal Launder Covers

With a history of outstanding product performance, Enduro Composites has been a leader and innovator in the fiberglass clarifier industry for over 25 years, including the creation of our newest launder cover offering. Enduro’s launder covers are custom designed for both round and rectangular tanks. Preventing algae growth, acting as a weather and debris barrier, and containing odor and gas emissions are a few of the valuable benefits to water and wastewater treatment operations.

New Design

Designed and built through extensive experience and broad manufacturing capabilities, Enduro’s enhanced launder cover system increases operator benefits and is applicable to a wide range of launder trough configurations that require covers, regardless of location within the plant’s hydraulic profile.

Open Position Closed Position



Increased Structural Performance

A more rigid shape with better mechanical properties provides greater load capacity.

Lighter Weight

Up to 20 percent less weight than industry standard and previous design.

Lower Installation Costs

The fully integral design reduces assembly efforts and quantity of parts to install.

Better Operability

The combination of improved structural performance and lighter weight enhances the serviceability for plant operators.