Structural Daylighting Panels

Brighten Your Space with Our Fiberglass Roofing & Siding

Brighten Your Space with Our Fiberglass Roofing & Siding

Delivering outstanding performance, Enduro Tuff Span™ translucent roofing panels offer high strength and light transmission for demanding conditions. Translucent roofing and siding is used across the world to help reduce energy costs and improve work conditions by utilizing natural light.

Enduro Tuff Span™ structural daylighting panels offer performance advantages over other translucent panels due to the high content of glass fiber reinforcements – almost 50 percent. This high glass content combined with a premium iso-polyester resin provides the absolute best in corrosion resistance and strength. In addition, multi-level UV protection is included for long-term retention of aesthetic and light transmitting properties.

Translucent Roofing & Siding Uses

    • Structural daylighting panels for industrial and commercial buildings
    • Roofing and siding panels

Enduro Translucent Roofing & Siding Features

    • Natural light transmission
    • Lasting aesthetics
    • Life cycle cost savings
    • Improved work environments
    • Reduced energy bills
    • Maintenance free
    • Range of profiles & colors

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As one of the largest suppliers of fiberglass (FRP/GRP) products in the world, Enduro’s manufacturing capability is one of the most diversified in the fiberglass composites industry.

We are dedicated to developing products and solutions that deliver meaningful value and service for our customers. With a history of innovation and industry firsts, our fiber reinforced polymer solutions have earned worldwide respect and recognition.