Free Continuing Education (CE Classes)

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Enduro is now offering free CE courses available through AECDaily. Classes include Composite Engineered Solutions: Fiberglass Cable Management Systems and Structural FRP Composites for Buildings.

Composite Engineered Solutions: Fiberglass Cable Management Systems

Fiberglass composite materials have advanced to become extremely efficient solutions for cable support systems exposed to highly corrosive environments. This course examines how fiberglass cable trays are manufactured and key factors that should be considered for developing nonmetallic cable tray specifications and installation guidelines. Sign up now >>

Structural FRP Composites for Buildings

For many applications, well-designed glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites deliver significant value and advantages over metal, wood, or concrete materials. In corrosive environments, FRP can decrease maintenance downtime and offer cost savings. This course identifies the components of FRP composites and discusses how using FRP can provide substantial, life-cycle cost savings and a long, maintenance-free service life along with meeting FM and UL wind and fire approvals. Various case studies are also examined. Sign up now >>