Tuff Span TM ICP (Insulated Composite Panel)

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With a proven history of outstanding product performance, Tuff SpanTM FRP roofing and siding is the market leader providing safe, weathertight, long-term building solutions in the most chemically aggressive and harsh environments. The Tuff Span technology utilizes premium raw materials and constructability designed to achieve the highest performance.

New Shop-Fabricated Insulated Panel

Introducing Enduro's next-generation non-metallic insulated panel system, Tuff Span ICP (insulated composite panel) utilizes insulation board sandwiched between premium Tuff SpanTM fiberglass exterior and interior panels. Now shop fabricated, the ICP panels significantly reduce total installed time and cost while providing excellent corrosion resistance and superior UV protection, extending a building's service life in the most chemically aggressive and harsh environments.

Shop Fabricated ● Modular Design ● Lightweight

The shop fabricated Tuff SpanTM ICP panel's enhanced modular design provides a more efficient installation method, greatly reducing installation time and costs. In addition to the installation cost savings from reduced manhours, reducing the construction time onsite positions the facility to begin operations sooner. Utilizing fiberglass panels for both exterior and interior panels provides a lightweight insulated panel with better manueverability and ease of installation.

Long Service Life ● Maintenance Free

Enduro's ICP panels utilize Tuff SpanTM for the exterior and interior panels, which do not corrode in facilities with continuous wet or tough chemical exposure. Its premium, isophthalic polyester, aliphatic, or vinyl ester resin system ensures long, maintenance free service life and dramatically improves work conditions.

Extended Color Retention ● Greater Aesthetics

Tuff SpanTM panels utilize an acrylic polymer coating and UV stabilized resin system resulting in extended UV protection and retention of its aesthetic properties. The halogen-free, aliphatic resin offers the best weathering and color retention properties for structural, corrosion resistant cladding panels

For more information about Enduro FRP Insulated Composite Panels, please contact us or download the FRP Insulated Composite Panel data sheet.

Download Enduro FRP Insulated Composite Panel Data Sheet