Custom Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) Products


As a world leader for over 40 years in the manufacture and development of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) products, Enduro Composites is an ideal partner to develop a custom fiberglass product solution for your application.

Not only do we have extensive fiberglass manufacturing capability, we have an experienced, technical team to assist in all phases of development from planning to design onto manufacturing. Our team can help specify the best resin system and structural properties to ensure long life and effective cost for your custom fiberglass products.

The Best Products for Every Need

With proven designs and success in building products, cable management, plus water and wastewater products, we can develop a custom and effective solution for you. Our design expertise, diversified manufacturing, and custom fabrication capability produces unique capability for development of custom and cost-effective products for a broad range of applications and challenges.

We will work with you to find the answer to your individual application. Check out our case studies demonstrating our custom fiberglass products in action to see how we can help you today.

Proven Success You Can See Yourself

Your product solution can also be fully tested utilizing our in-house world-class testing laboratory. With our state-of-the-art testing laboratory, we provide you with proven success of our quality custom fiberglass manufacturing. This assures consistent and reliable performance you can depend on.

With our long history of products and installations in a wide variety of challenging environments, chances are good we have encountered something like your application previously. Please get in touch with our team to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need before making a custom fiberglass product?

As with most projects, we will need details about your design to get started. In addition to your contact information, we will need the dimensions and requirements of the design (drawings are always helpful), how the custom piece will be used, whether the product is currently being made elsewhere, and with what materials and any important features or properties this product needs to have. We’ll also need to know whether the product needs any special durability or tolerances (to chemicals, temperatures, etc.).

After we receive this information, we can begin working on your custom fiberglass product.

Is a custom fiberglass product right for my project?
Fiberglass offers a unique endurance and durability that isn’t found in many other materials. With a strong tolerance to chemicals and high strength to weight ratio, custom fiberglass products can be cost-effective and the optimum solution for your application.