Chemical Plant Maintenance Field Services

Chemical Plant Maintenance Field Services

Enduro provides a full range of chemical plant maintenance services for all types of fiberglass (FRP/GRP) and thermoplastic equipment in chemical plants and industrial plants. Utilizing professional and technical knowledge from over 60 years in the industry, our industrial plant maintenance technicians can complete any repair or installation task while following your company’s procedures and strict safety requirements. At Enduro, safety is our number one priority. Our field service technicians are Safety Council trained, qualified secondary bonders and certified thermoplastic welders.

Enduro also provides system leak repair for fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pipe, steel or lined and concrete pipe. Our unique ability to repair pipe while it is still in service results in no costly plant shutdowns, saving the plant time, materials and money.

Our Enduro chemical plant service technicians are available 24 hours a day – please contact us for more details or to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment.

Chemical Plant Maintenance Services

    • New FRP installation
    • In-service leak repair
    • Environmental coatings
    • Tank linings & repair
    • Thermoplastic weld repair & installation
    • Installation of FRP hand railing, grating, tank covers, and more
    • On-site inspection
    • Overwrapping of currently installed FRP fittings
    • Protect concrete from harsh chemical leaks and spills
    • Repair or restore damaged concrete

Enduro Chemical Plant Maintenance Service Features

    • Reduction in downtime
    • Extended service life
    • Sole source responsibility
    • Field installation labor savings
    • Reduction in waste & materials
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • Long-lasting protection with premium-grade resins

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Frequently Asked Questions about Field Services

What is plant maintenance?

Enduro’s plant maintenance utilizes decades of professional and technical knowledge that adheres to your company’s own procedures and safety requirements while safely making repairs without the need to shut down your plant. Regular maintenance will extend service life while reducing downtime, waste, and materials.

What are the elements of effective maintenance management?

Effective maintenance management requires a mix of industry experience, technical knowledge, and the proper technology to assess, repair, and install select products. Safety requirements and company procedures must also be strictly followed.

What are the different types of plant maintenance?

Plant maintenance is a combination of assessment, restoration, and prevention. Depending on processes, facility size, and other unique factors your plant maintenance strategy may vary. Long-lasting fixes and round-the-clock monitoring are essential to a successful maintenance plan.

Is working at a chemical plant dangerous?

Chemical plants are complex and can be dangerous for an untrained person which is why strict safety protocols are crucial in the industry. Hazardous substances and harsh conditions can be difficult, but with the right training, strict safety regulations, and proper equipment the job can be done safely.

What is the main purpose of maintenance work in the plant?

Maintenance work in the chemical plant can keep costs low and working conditions safe. The goal of maintenance is to ensure that your plant remains operational at maximum capacity without interruption.