Commercial Fiberglass (FRP) Roof Deck

Commercial Fiberglass (FRP) Roof Deck

With outstanding corrosion resistance, Tuff Span™ commercial fiberglass (FRP/GRP) roof decking from Enduro provides long-term structural support for both single ply membrane and built-up roofing materials.

Tuff Span™ material does not rust, rot, peel, or flake like alternatives. This eliminates the threat of falling deck particles that could damage equipment or contaminate goods located below the deck. Much lighter than concrete deck, Tuff Span™ FRP roof deck can reduce the dead load on the building structure as well as deliver lower cost and less downtime for installation.

Offered in two profiles in white or gray color, Tuff Span™ fiberglass roof deck is the ideal choice for paper mills, food processors, natatoriums, and industrial facilities with chemical exposures or other challenging conditions.

To learn more about our fiberglass roof deck, please contact us or download the Enduro Tuff Span™ FRP Roof Deck Data Sheet.

Download Enduro Roof Deck Data Sheet

Fiberglass Roof Deck Uses

    • Roof Deck for Membrane Roofing
    • Roof Deck for single ply roofing support

Enduro Tuff Span™ Fiberglass Roof Deck Features

    • Corrosion resistant
    • Strongest FRP Roof Decking Building Panel
    • Fire retardant
    • UL Listed
    • White or gray color option
    • Life cycle cost savings
    • Long, maintenance-free life
    • No material rust, rot, peel, or flaking

Enduro Tuff Span™ Fiberglass Roof Deck Resources

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