Fiberglass Strut

Fiberglass Strut

Enduro fiberglass strut systems offer components to support ladder tray, cable tray, and piping in almost any environment. Designed to work seamlessly with Enduro’s cable tray systems, our fiberglass (FRP) strut systems attach to industry standard materials as well as most commonly used industrial structures such as beams and columns. To learn more about Enduro fiberglass strut systems, please download our FRP Strut & Framing Accessories Catalog.

Download Enduro Strut Catalog

Uses & Features

    • Support Enduro cable tray systems
    • Easily attach to industry structures
    • Custom systems available
    • Complies with NEMA VE 2 standards for field installation
    • Multiple configurations available
    • High strength, durability, and light weight

Enduro Fiberglass (FRP) Strut System Resources