Fiberglass (FRP) Agricultural Panels & Cladding

FRP Agricultural Panels & Cladding
Premium Cladding & Liner Panels

Premium Agricultural Cladding & Liner Panels

Lower Life Cycle Cost & Better Appearance
Owners of agricultural and industrial buildings love the outstanding service and life cycle cost savings DuroSpan™ building panels deliver. The maintenance free, FRP cladding and liner panels from Enduro Composites dramatically improve facilities and work conditions.

Superior Strength in Agricultural Panels

Panels with Superior Strength

Leak Protection, Less Fasteners, Low Cost Installation
DuroSpan™ glass fiber reinforced plastic panels are much stronger than PVC, polycarbonate, or chopped strand materials. With high content of continuous glass fiber reinforcements, aligned for optimum performance, the panels have superior strength and stiffness. This results in leak protection, fewer fasteners, and lower installation cost.

Corrosion Resistance + UV Protection

Long Service Life & No Maintenance
DuroSpan™ agricultural materials do not corrode in facilities with animal by-products, wet, or industrial conditions. The premium, UV stabilized polyester resin ensures long service life and retention of aesthetic properties. For exterior cladding, UV Coating Protection is offered with minimal added cost. The material’s light reflectant, high gloss finish resists marking and scratches.

Panel Product Options

Opaque or Translucent Panels, Easy to Clean Smooth Finish
Agricultural panels are available in a wide range of opaque colors. The panels are also furnished in translucent colors with natural light transmitting properties. Shallow rib panels are offered for liner applications with deeper profiles available for exterior and higher load conditions. Finish options include: smooth or embossed on exterior side with “easy to clean” smooth finish on the interior side.

Agricultural Applications

Roofing and Siding, Liner Panels, Daylighting Panels

  • Dairy, Pig, Poultry, & Fish Farms
  • Car & Truck Wash Operations
  • Food Processing & Meat Packing
  • Barns & Loafing Sheds
  • Port Facilities & Marinas
    • Kennels
    • Storage Facilities
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Sludge Drying Beds
    • Cooling Towers

For more information about Enduro FRP Agricultural Building Panels, please contact us or download the FRP Agricultural Building Panels data sheet.

Download DuroSpan FRP Data Sheet