AXS-3™ Fiberglass (FRP) Advanced Access Tank Cover

AXS-3 Water and wastewater tank cover header_07-26-21

The AXS-3™ fiberglass Tank Cover from Enduro Composites is the new standard of corrosion-resistant, low-profile, removable covers. As our 5th generation tank cover, the AXS-3™ system offers the best in benefits for users and operators and features two new groundbreaking technologies:

    • TreadMAX™ integrally manufactured non-skid surface improving operator safety
    • Strut and channel nut fastening connections for advanced accessibility

TreadMAX FRP surface technologyTreadMAX™ Non-Skid Surface Technology

Superior Surface Technology
The FRP cover industry’s first multi-directional non-skid surface technology.

    • Integrally manufactured cover deck surface
    • Superior to non-skid tape
    • Exceeds the DCOF requirements set by ANSI A137.1/A326.3

Innovative Strut Channel Nut Fastening SystemInnovative Strut Channel Nut Fastening System

Increased Accessibility
The strut and channel nut connections greatly improves accessibility.

    • Advanced repeatable panel removability
    • Eliminates the use of conventional screws
    • Avoids wallowed out screw holes

Upgraded Operator SafetyUpgraded Operator Safety

Improved Safety Features 
Improved safety with walking surface transitions of 1/4” or less minimizing trip hazards.

    • Tapered end-joint flashing
    • Countersunk fastener heads
    • High strength, pultruded panels

Easy Low Cost InstallationEasy, Low-Cost Installation

Lightweight with Fewer Components
The AXS-3™ panels are lightweight at nominally 11 lbs/LF, easy to handle and install, with limited field fabrication. Installation improvements to previous generation covers include:

    • Up to 40% less fasteners
    • 2” wider panels resulting in fewer panels
    • Lower total install costs

Oustanding Strength-Corrosion ResistanceOutstanding Strength and Corrosion Resistance

Maintenance Free & Long Service Life
AXS-3™ fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) components do not corrode in challenging chemical exposure and wet conditions in water and wastewater treatment operations.

    • High content of reinforcing fibers (up to 60% by weight) for long-span capability
    • Can handle high load conditions
    • Maintenance-free with long service life

Odor ControlOdor Control

Sealed with Gaskets
Designed to perform and effectively contain odors associated with treatment processes.

    • Joints and connections sealed with premium gaskets designed for challenging conditions
    • Improved seal with integrated notches for gaskets

AXS-3™ Load-Span Table

  Span Type single double single double single double single double single double
L/D 120 15.5 19.2 13.5 15.7 12.3 13.6 11.4 12.2 10.7 11.1
180 13.5 18.1 11.8 15.7 10.7 13.6 9.9 12.2 9.4 11.1
240 12.3 16.4 10.7 14.4 9.7 13.1 9.0 12.1 8.5 11.1

  CONCENTRATED LOAD LBS 250 300 400 500
L/D 180 14.6 13.8 12.5 11.6
240 14.6 13.8 12.5 11.2


To learn more about the Enduro AXS-3™ fiberglass tank cover, please contact us or download the Enduro AXS-3™ Tank Cover Data Sheet.


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