Field Service Safety Compliance

Enduro Field Service Safety Compliance
Enduro Field Service Safety Compliance Truck

Enduro field service crews have a very impressive safety record, constantly striving to and succeeding in surpassing industry field service compliance standards. We understand that safety is important to our customers so we make safety our number one priority. Our staff is highly trained and held to a specific set of standards through contractor safety council training and testing at each plant.

Safety Training

  • ISNetworld
  • OSHA
  • AvettaEnduro grinding  safety
  • TSA : TWIC
  • DISA
  • PIC’s

Safety Council Memberships

Quality Control & Assurance

Enduro provides quality control through in-house testing and third party independent validation through a variety of tests:

  • Spark Testing
  • Conductivity (if required)
  • Visual Inspection – according to ASTM standards
  • Dimensional validation
  • Raw Material Inspection on all incoming materials (including certificates of compliance)
  • Secondary Bonder, and Thermoplastic Welder Certification Testing
Enduro Repair Crew in the Field

FRP Repair & Joint Inspection Forms

FRP Repair Inspection Form

FRP Joint Inspection Form