XL3 Fiberglass (FRP) Tank Cover

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Delivering exceptional benefits and value, the XL3 fiberglass Tank Cover from Enduro Composites is the most advanced cover system available today. Like the Enduro XL6 wastewater tank cover, the XL3 system offers appealing qualities for users and operators but with lighter panels and easier removability:

    • Outstanding strength & corrosion resistance
    • Easy access & panel removability
    • Odor & vapor control
    • Non-skid, structural panels for worker foot traffic
    • Easy, low-cost installation
    • Size versatility

Wastewater Tank Covers with Outstanding Strength & Corrosion Resistance

Maintenance Free & Long Service Life
XL3 fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) components do not corrode in challenging chemical exposures and wet conditions associated with water and wastewater treatment operations. The pultrusion process used for manufacturing produces high content of reinforcing fibers (up to 60% by weight) and strength for long span capability and high load conditions.

Easy Access & Removablity

Removable Panels & Access Hatches
Weighing 11 lbs per lineal foot, Enduro XL3 panels are lightweight and easy to handle. Removing sections only requires backing out bolts from permanent nutserts. After removing bolts and locking channel, single panels can be removed easily. Access hatches can be sized to fit within individual 30” wide, XL3 panel sections.

Odor & Vapor Control

Sealed with Gaskets
Sealed with EPDM gaskets at panel joints, end conditions, and at access hatches, XL3 Cover System effectively contains odors and gases associated with treatment processes.

Non-Skid Structural Panels for Worker Foot Traffic

High Strength Panels with Gritted Surface
High strength, pultruded panels enable the cover system to be used as a safe, working surface for operators. It’s flat, gritted surface protects workers from slipping.

Easy, Low Cost Installation

Lightweight Sections with Minimal Fastening & Components
XL3 FRP components are typically lighter, easier to handle, and field fabricate than alternative materials. Minimal fasteners are required to attach panels and locking channel. Installation of flashings and support beams are similar to installing flashing and roof beams in typical construction.

Size Versatility

Rectangular & Round Covers Sized for Application
XL3 Tank Covers are custom designed to accommodate most any size tank, either round or rectangular, large or small. Enduro’s experienced technical staff can assist design engineers with cost budgets, appropriate material selection, system design, and specifications.

For water and wastewater treatment operations, Enduro offers fiberglass (FRP): Tank Covers, Baffle Walls, Weirs and Scum Baffles, Density Current Baffles, Launder Covers, and Building Structures.

Size Versatility

Allowable spans are the lesser span controlled by: 1) deflection limit, L/D, or 2) Factor of Safety of 2.0 minimum for maximum allowable load. Allowable spans for concentrated loads also consider maximum deflection of 5/8”.

IBC 2015, Section 1607 requires minimum concentrated load loading of 250 lbs. distributed over 2.5’x2.5’ area to determine spans for “All roof surfaces subject to maintenance workers”.

Please contact Enduro Composites for allowable spans for other requirements such as lower maximum deflection or negative loads for high wind conditions.

To learn more about the Enduro XL3™ fiberglass tank cover, please contact us or download the Enduro XL3™ Tank Cover Data Sheet.


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