Fiberglass Purlins & Girts


Designed for High Load & Long Span Capability

Tuff Span™ Flanged Tube Beams are developed specifically for applications that require high load and long span capability plus corrosion resistance. This includes building structures, baffle wall columns, and support of tank cover decking. These sections utilize a custom design that optimizes structural properties and cost through innovative use of shape, glass fiber reinforcing, and manufacturing process. A common use is the secondary framing on pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB), FRP, or fabricated structural steel buildings in new build or retrofit construction.

Tuff Span purlins & girts are designed for the harshest environments. Utilizing an iso-polyester or vinyl resin system provides outstanding corrosion protection and is fire retardant with a flame spread rating of 25 or less. The resulting combination of corrosion resistance, nonconductivity, and long span capability delivers significant end user benefits and life cost savings.

The flanged tube shape increases structural properties and contributes to easy installation.

Structural Performance

As a result of efficient design, 8F6 Flanged Tube Beams, at lesser weight and without bracing, carry more load than heavier FRP I-Beams and WF-Beams!   8F6 Flanged Tube, at 15% and 30% less weight, has greater load capacity than heavier FRP I-beams and WF Beams with bracing for single span conditions.  For two span conditions, the 8F6 capacity is even greater.

Easier Installation

The flanged tube shape provides lateral stability eliminating the need for lateral bracing, plates or angles on primary framing, or sag rods. FRP components are lighter in weight and far easier to drill and cut in the field than steel components while not requiring hot work permits.  These features provide time and cost savings to facilities.

To learn more about Tuff Span™ fiberglass purlins and girts, please contact us or download the Enduro Tuff Span™ Building Products Catalog.

Download Enduro Tuff Span Catalog


    • Purlins
    • Girts
    • Penetration & accessory framing
    • Walkway & platform framing


    • Corrosion resistance
    • Tubular shape
    • Fire retardant
    • Lightweight


    • Life-cycle cost savings
    • Maintenance-free life
    • Long span capability without lateral bracing
    • Reduced installation time & costs
fiberglass purlin installation
Tuff Span 8F6 purlins and girts on a fertilizer storage facility.
Tuff Span FRP primary framing and 8F6 purlins on acid storage tank cover.
purlin-girt installation -1
Tuff Span 8F6 girts on a chlor-alkali facility.
fiberglass girt-purlin
Tuff Span 8F6 purlins on a hydrochloric acid pickling facility.
fiberglass building purlins and girts
Tuff Span 8F6 purlins at metal treatment plant.
fiberglass purlin-girt-transparent
Tuff Span 8F6 purlins and girts on a sulfuric acid solvent extraction/electrowinning facility.

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