Fiberglass (FRP) Louvers & Vents

Industrial Fiberglass Louvers & Ridge Vents

Enduro Tuff Span™ industrial fiberglass louvers and ridge vents provide effective air control and long service life for applications with demanding structural and environmental conditions. Our fiberglass (FRP/GRP) louvers and ridge vents contain over 50% glass reinforcing content in chemical composition. This high glass content combined with the premium iso-polyester resin provides extreme strength, durability, and resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Enduro industrial FRP louvers and ridge vents have a long, proven history of standing up to tough chemical exposures and high windstorms. The fire retardant fiberglass components in the ventilation units have a Class I flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM E84.

Servicing a range of needs, Tuff Span™ fiberglass louvers and ridge vents are available in several options:

  • Tuff Span™ louvers are available in a range of sizes with stationary or adjustable blades and openings.
  • Tuff Span™ stationary ridge vents are available with 12” to 96” openings.
  • Tuff Span™ operable ridge vents are available with adjustable dampers.

For more information about our fiberglass louvers and ridge vents, please contact us or download the Enduro Tuff Span™ Building Products Catalog.

Download Enduro Building Products Catalog

Fiberglass Louver & Ridge Vent Uses

    • Effective air control & ventilation
    • Corrosion resistant ventilation units

Enduro Fiberglass Louver & Ridge Vent Features

    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength & durability
    • Size and color options
    • Life cycle cost savings
    • Long, maintenance-free life

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