Concrete Coating & Repair Services


Concrete Coatings ServicesConcrete coatings protect new concrete or repair damaged concrete caused by leaks, spills, and other chemical-related problems. Enduro supplies and installs reinforced and unreinforced concrete toppings, coatings, or linings.

Our field services personnel provide site inspection and assessments to offer a solution for floors, walls, dikes, sumps, pits, drains, manholes, pump bases, and more. We use premium-grade resins geared specifically for your applications. We can work with you to specify which resin system would be best suited for your application or design a system based on your own recommendations and specifications. Please contact us to schedule your concrete coatings application.

Concrete Coatings Services

  • Epoxy Grout Injection
  • Repair cooling tower leaks – with no downtime
  • Non-skid surfaces
  • Decorative Flooring
  • Coatings Services Consultation & Inspection
  • Enviro-Shields for Protective Tank Bottoms

Concrete Repair Coatings UsesEnduro-Field-Services-Concrete-Coatings-Office-lowres-675x506

  • Protect concrete from harsh chemicals
  • Protect concrete from leaks and spills
  • Repair or restore damaged concrete

Concreted Coating Product Lines Used


Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Coatings


What are concrete coatings?

Concrete coatings are a protective layer on concrete that safeguards new concrete or repairs damaged concrete that may arise from leaks, spills, and other chemical-related problems.

How long do concrete coatings last?
Concrete coatings can last 10+ years in some conditions. Get in touch to learn more about which solution is best for your needs.
What are the pros/cons of concrete coatings?

Concrete coatings are cost-effective, resistant, and when installed properly they can last over a decade. The only cons may come from the improper installation which is why seeking an experienced provider is key.

How do you service a cooling tower?

Servicing a cooling tower is a multi-step process designed to increase longevity and extend performance. A combination of power washing, chemical treatment, and high-volume flushing is necessary for an effective service.

How often should a cooling tower be cleaned?
Currently, OSHA recommends a cleaning twice per year to prevent damage from clogs or erosion.