Specialized Coatings

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Enduro Field Coating Services is a recognized leader in the coatings industry that offers competitive pricing and 24-hour emergency service. Careful planning, strong leadership, and experienced, highly trained employees are hallmarks of Enduro coatings projects. We believe timely schedules, accurate budgets and quality workmanship are the basic elements for success. Specializing in using high quality coatings systems and the finest globally accepted epoxy resins in today’s market. Our qualified craftsmen are recognized for their ability to provide innovative solutions for our customer’s corrosion issues. Enduro Field Services takes great pride in 100% repeat clients and our clients recognize our commitment to them and their projects. Our unwavering commitment to safety drives us to consistently stay up to date in all necessary safety certifications to maintain a zero-accident work environment.

A1300 BEFORE IN PROCESS AFTERAll employees are required to go through extensive OSHA training, our comprehensive health & safety program with weekly on-site Tool-Box safety training.

Specialized Coatings Services include corrosion protection for concrete protecting against leaks and spills from harsh chemicals. Enduro can provide site inspection and assessment to offer solutions for dikes, sumps, pits, drains, manholes, pump stations, tanks pads and containment areas. Additionally protective non-skid and/or decorative flooring systems can be provided for warehouse floors, laboratories, and offices.

To learn more about our concrete coatings, please contact us or download the Enduro Coatings Data Sheet.

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Floor Finishing

Our commercial and industrial concrete/floor finishing services provide the highest quality options available on the market. 

  • Concrete floor sealing
  • Decorative epoxy floor coating systems
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Joints, patching, and stripping
  • Resin floors
  • Polished concrete

Coating Product Lines Used

Protect your investment with preventive and corrective maintenance. We have the knowledge and teams to build an effective maintenance program reducing planned and unplanned downtime for your facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Coatings

What types of coating protections are there?
  • Barrier -- Protect by preventing water, oxygen, and electrolytes from contact with an underlying metal
  • Inhibitive -- Coatings that contain chemicals that work to hinder corrosion
  • Sacrificial -- Thin metal layers that have lower electrode potential values or those having higher levels in the electrochemical series are applied
  • Combination
What are protective coatings?
A protective coating is a layer of material applied to the surface of another material with the intent of inhibiting or preventing corrosion.
What are the main causes of corrosion?
Too much humidity or condensation of water vapor on metal surfaces are the primary causes of corrosion. Corrosive gases such as chlorine, hydrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur oxides, amongst others can result in corrosion of parts of electronic equipment, etc. Corrosion can also occur due to hydrogen and oxygen exposure.
What happens if corrosion is not prevented?
If we do not prevent corrosion of metal, then it will destroy the metal over time and can become a safety hazard to human health and the environment. If we do not prevent corrosion of metal, then it causes any harm to the environment and human health. Corrosion is also carcinogenic for human health.
What are Concrete Coatings?
Concrete coatings are a protective layer on concrete that safeguards new concrete or repairs damaged concrete that may arise from leaks, spills, and other chemical-related problems.