Density Current Baffles (Stamford Baffles)


As an integral part of activated sludge clarifiers, Enduro Density Current Baffles meet or exceed industry standards for units commonly known as “Stamford”, “Submerged Flow Deflection”, or “Upflow” baffles. The custom-designed fiberglass baffles from Enduro Composites provide important value to water and wastewater operations by delivering:

Long, Reliable Service on Stamford Baffles

Long service life for the baffle is ensured by FRP components with superior corrosion resistance and strength. Utilizing precision molding results in consistent, reliable quality and components custom molded to fit the contour of each clarifier.

Baffles with Easy, Low-Cost Installation

With simple, modular construction, installation is quick and easy. Lightweight components, with high strength to weight properties, are easy to handle and do not require special lifting equipment.

Stainless steel or FRP support brackets are easily attached in the field by contractor to ensure proper installation. Only one bracket per panel is needed for most applications.

Clarifier Process Functionality

  • Improved solids capture and reduced turbidity
  • Increased hydraulic capacity

Formed by influent flows entering the clarifier, dense currents race out across the tank above the sludge blanket effectively disturbing lighter solids on top. Left unchecked, currents collect those solids and deposit them over the weir into the effluent stream, thereby “short-circuiting” the clarification process and reducing the hydraulic capacity of the tank.

By redirecting density current flows back to the center of the tank, Enduro Density Current Baffles allow flows to decelerate away from the effluent stream and redeposit suspended solids back onto the sludge blanket where they belong. Studies demonstrate Density Current Baffles can reduce total suspended solids (TSS) by nearly 40% or more in some cases. This is best achieved by:

1. Mounting baffle below effluent launder, weir, and scum baffle.

  • Outboard launders: Locate the bottom of baffle halfway between the top of sludge blanket and bottom of weir.
  • Inboard launders: If the vertical clearance between baffle bottom and top of sludge blanket is two feet or more, mount baffle on tank wall below launder without obstructing vents. If vertical clearance is less than two feet, mount baffle to lower inboard corner of launder trough. For this condition, calculating horizontal projection and baffle size should also include the launder width. The minimum size should be 24” diagonally.

2. Sloping baffle inward and downward beyond the scum baffle to redirect random density currents (flows) toward the center of the tank.

3. Mounting baffle continuously around the tank to maximize solids capture.

To learn more about our density current baffles, please contact us or download the Enduro Density Current Baffles Data Sheet.

Download FRP Density Current Baffle Data Sheet

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