Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment & Products

Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment

With a reputation built on 40 years of experience, Enduro’s water & wastewater treatment equipment including FRP baffle walls, fiberglass tank covers and clarifier products have been designed and manufactured to withstand challenging environmental conditions, and enhance the performance of water and wastewater treatment plants across the world.

Manufactured in the USA, our product success is built upon a project’s needs, custom-made approach, paired with the simplicity, accountability and ownership of the solution from a single supplier with design and manufacturing capabilities.


• Our multi-generational industrial fiberglass tank cover products offer a wide range of adaptability to the project’s specifications, without compromising on structural or design requirements.
• Our wide array of baffle panel profiles allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective       solutions, without compromising performance and efficiency.
• Lastly, our clarifier product line includes weirs and scum baffles, density current baffles,       launder covers and troughs aims to improve the efficiency of clarifier tanks, increasing their       capacity, and minimizing Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

With more than 500 successful and reputable installations around the globe, Enduro water and wastewater treatment equipment is recognized by installers and owners alike for its easy-to-assemble-and-install designs, with pre-fabricated components, and user-friendly graphic instructions.

Enduro’s product designs, manufacturing and quality standards take into account allowances for the inevitable variances between plan drawings and existing conditions onsite. In addition, our project managers are well-versed on each project specific conditions, and are readily available to offer support.

Our experienced technical team is prepared to help specify the appropriate system for your application, while ensuring a long life cycle and best value of ownership.

Find out more about Enduro water & wastewater treatment equipment by contacting us or downloading the Enduro FRP Water & Wastewater Systems Catalog.

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