Fiberglass (FRP) Walkable Launder Covers

launder-cover-wastewater-lrEnduro has been a leader and innovator in the fiberglass cover industry for over 25 years, including the first walkable launder cover utilizing a customized hinged flat sheet design supported by Enduro flanged tube beams. Introducing our next generation launder cover design, the Enduro XL3 cover panels with 6” wide flanged beam structural supports provide a number of additional benefits compared to conventional designs.

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Walkable Launder Cover - Closed Position - Unlabeled

Increased Structural Performance

The XL3 cover panel has less deflection at longer spans than your standard lay up launder cover design. 

Optimized Support System

Utilizes Enduro’s 6” wide flanged beams mounting directly on top of the inner weir wall providing a more robust design while eliminating additional clip angle connections. 

TreadMAXTM Non-Skid Surface

The industry’s first integrally manufactured, multi-directional, non-skid FRP surface technology exceeds performance requirements per DCOF and Pendulum tests without the use of applied coating or tape. 

Greater Operator Access & Visibility

The XL3 walkable launder cover design enables larger hatches without structural compromise, allowing for maximum access and visibility into the effluent launder.

To learn more about our walkable launder covers, please contact us or download the Enduro Fiberglass Walkable Launder Cover Data Sheet.

download launder cover wastewater data sheet

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