Fiberglass (FRP) Coatings & Linings

Enduro FRP Coatings & Linings

For over 60 years in the industry, our FRP Field Services technicians can complete fiberglass repair or installation task while adhering to specific procedures, safety requirements and will source the resin system best suited for your application.

FRP Field Services

  • In-Service leak repair
  • External repairs to corroded piping and tanks
  • Tank linings & repair
  • Carbon Fiber/Engineered wraps for leak repair
  • Thermoplastic weld repair & installation
  • Installation of FRP hand railing, grating & tank covers
  • Gifford Hill leak repair
  • Installation and repair to customer specifications

FRP Leak Repair

  • Multiple system repair capabilities of FRP, Steel and Concrete Pipe
  • In-service repair capabilities with no costly shutdown required
  • Available 24 hours a day

FRP Coating & Lining Products Used

NRI Composite Wraps

FRP Coatings - Syntho UV NRI Composite Wraps Syntho UV FRP Coatings: Syntho Glass XT, NRI Composite Wraps Syntho Glass XT FRP Coatings: Syntho NP, NRI Composite Wraps Syntho NP FRP Coatings: Trans Wrap, NRI Composite Wraps Trans Wrap

External Corrosion Repair on a Steel Pipe

Enduro Field Services External Repair on Steel Pipe Enduro Field Services External Repair on Steel Pipe

FRP Lining & Repair Before & After Examples

FRP Lining & Repairs on Carbon Steel Tank

External Corrosion Repair of FRP Pipe (Before & After)

External Corrosion Repair of FRP Pipe

Gifford Hill Leak Repair

Gifford Hill Leak Repair

Cracked Pipe Repair (Before & After)

Cracked Pipe Repair - Before Cracked Pipe Repair - After

Please contact us for more details or to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about FRP Coatings

What are FRP coatings?

FRP coatings, or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics coatings, are a high-quality system of coating that is created by thermosetting resins and fiberglass to provide more corrosion and chemical resistance.

Is there a difference between FRP coatings & linings?

FRP coatings and linings are similar but have distinct functions. FRP coatings are associated with piping systems of chemical storage tanks, cooling towers, and other industrial process equipment. FRP linings contribute to the longevity and safety of steel tanks, water tanks, storage tanks, and cooling towers and are not impacted by structural imperfections.

What are the advantages of FRP coatings?

FRP coatings are weatherproof, non-corrosive, impact, and fire resistant which makes it ideal for harsh conditions, such as those in industrial environments. FRP coatings can ensure durability, safety, and optimal performance on site.

What is the process for FRP coatings?

The quality of your FRP coatings will rely heavily on the application process. First, the application surface must be prepared by removing any organic contaminants so that a primer can be applied. Then the resin is applied followed by the laying of fiberglass once full saturation is ensured then a final resin coating will be applied. All applications will be completed with a final inspection to make sure the equipment  is ready for use.