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    Specifications in challenging conditions often require support that is corrosion-resistant and fire-retardant, among other important characteristics. To ensure that structures in industries such as chemical plants or wastewater treatment (among others) remain in service, Enduro engineers fiberglass strut channel systems.

    Learn more about our fiberglass strut channels, how they're manufactured, and what their applications are by reading more below.

    What are fiberglass strut and channel systems?

    Fiberglass struts, or strut channels, are structural systems most commonly used in construction and electrical industries to offer light structural support. Strut channels can connect, mount, support, and brace lightweight structural loads, including pipes, data wires, and mechanical systems. 

    Another important characteristic of strut channels is that objects can be attached to them. Often times this support is needed for:

    • wiring
    • plumbing
    • mechanical components (i.e., those found in ventilation systems)

    Traditionally, strut channels were made from metal, but in recent years manufacturers and industry professionals have seen the value of fiberglass as it is more corrosion-resistant while lightweight, strong, and rigid. Making it perfect for challenging conditions that require support for a ladder tray, cable tray, and piping in almost any environment.

    How is a fiberglass strut channel made?

    Fiberglass strut channel systems and fittings are manufactured by the pultrusion process, which is used for the production of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites. This process combines many elements, which offer a mix of properties and characteristics that can boost the efficiency of the final product. Additionally, the pultrusion process allows for greater customizability as pultrusion dies can produce shapes that increase structural properties and extend benefits within the installation process.

    Pultrusion is a controlled, continuous process that produces consistent quality and materials. The pultrusion process permits high content of glass fiber reinforcements to be introduced into the material so that they produce parts with high strength to weight.

    Enduro FRP Strut

    Why choose a fiberglass strut channel?

    Traditionally, strut channels have been made in a few different ways. Some of the common components include:

    • Steel with a galvanized coating
    • Stainless steel to avoid rusting
    • Aluminum alloy, when weight was a major factor

    While each option has worked in the past, we've found that fiberglass has been able to offer durability and strength without compromise. Fiberglass struts can withstand harsh conditions, corrosive environments, and much more, which are commonplace in industries like petroleum, chemical plants, and more.

    Enduro fiberglass strut offers a wide range of uses and features, such as:

    • Support Enduro cable tray systems
    • Easily attach to industry structures
    • Custom FRP strut systems are available
    • Complies with NEMA VE 2 standards for field installation
    • Multiple strut configurations are available
    • High strength, durability, and lightweight

    Fiberglass strut channel in action

    Designed to perform under pressure in the most challenging of conditions, the Enduro fiberglass strut channel and framing systems have been put to the test in a variety of industries, applications, and unique conditions.

    While we have various case studies for your review, one particularly interesting application comes from our work with Sadara Chemical Co. The Sadara chemical complex is a highly corrosive environment for construction materials and encountered various challenging elements:

    • Highly corrosive chemicals associated with chlorine and vinyl manufacturing
    • Site proximity to the Arabian Gulf (one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world)
    • Extremely high local temperatures

    The implementation of the Enduro FRP Ladder Tray, FRP Cable Tray, FRP Pipe, Dual Laminate Pipe, and miscellaneous FRP Process Equipment allowed Sadara Chemical to get their job done.

    Fiberglass strut channel

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