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    Have you considered that some suppliers 1) outsource preparation of installation drawings, 2) outsource manufacturing and fabrication, and frequently to different entities?

    What effect can this have to me as a buyer?

    • If something goes wrong with the project, will the supplier be accountable, or will the supplier deflect responsibility to the outsourced designer, manufacturer, or fabricator?
    • With outsourced manufacturing and fabrication to multiple companies, what will be the quality assurance? Will the outsourced companies have a controlled QA program such as ISO 9001?

    Value of Single Source Accountability Under One Roof

    With Enduro Composites, Inc., clients have the security of the supplier handling manufacturing of most, if not all, of the fiber reinforced plastic products, in-house fabrication, and preparation of project drawings. In addition, this work, plus project management, is done at a single, state of art, manufacturing facility under an ISO 9001 Certified, Quality Assurance program.   This article briefly covers the important capability and value offered by Enduro Composites for each of these items.

    In-House Product Design & Testing

    Enduro has a long and successful history of innovation that includes development of products engineered for specific applications and delivering important value for clients. This includes FRP building products, baffle wall, tank covers, clarifier products, and cable management systems. The value of Enduro products is recognized worldwide.

    Product design and quality is supported by our testing laboratory that includes large-scale structural, accelerated QUV, and raw material, quality assurance testing. The in-house, large scale testing helps Enduro to enhance structural properties, UV protection, and other important properties for its products.

    The Enduro 8F6 beam shown below is a good example of innovative design, whereas, the 8F6 beam offers higher strength at lighter weight than FRP Wide Flange or I-Beams.

    Flanged Beam Diagram-3

    Vacuum chamber panel load testing Accelerated QUV Testing
    Vacuum Chamber Panel Testing Accelerated QUV Testing

    In-House Design Assistance & Project Drawings

    Enduro’s staff of engineers and product specialists are available to assist Design Engineers with conceptual design and development of specifications. For preparation of project drawings, Enduro utilizes both 3D and 2D software to address complex project details and layouts. This quality of drawings help ensure systems are easily understood and installed correctly and on-time. Our in-house staff of designers and engineers offer a wealth of valuable experience and expertise.

    Water-Baffle-3D-Drawing Water-Baffle-2D-Drawing
    Aeration Basin 4 Iso View  

    In-House Manufacturing

    Its world class manufacturing capability enables Enduro Composites, Inc. to manufacture a broad line of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products. The in-house manufacturing is done in accordance with a certified ISO 9001 Quality Assurance program. This in-house capability and QA program give clients confidence and accountability directly to Enduro Composites. Manufacturing processes at Enduro Composites include pultrusion, continuous lamination, compression and resin transfer molding, spray-up, CNC routing, vacuum molding, and custom fabrication.

    Pultrusion-Line-Manufacturing Panel Line Current Draft
    Pultrusion process for FRP beams, structural shapes, baffle wall, and tank covers Continuous lamination for building panels

    In-House Custom Fabrication

    Enduro’s fabrication capability can reduce field fabrication and installation cost. With direct contact to Enduro designers, shop personnel questions regarding special requirements are easily addressed.

    Ridge-Vent-in-manufacturing-plant Ridge-Vent-Installed

    In-house, shop fabrication of manufactured FRP components and mock-up assembly helped ensure easy field assembly of this Enduro, FRP Gravity Vent with its 48” throat opening.

    In-House Project Management

    At Enduro Composites, our Project Managers are in the same building as our project engineers, detailers, manufacturing, and fabrication personnel. This enables Enduro to optimize internal communication and to quickly respond to changing project conditions and needs.

    What Specification Criteria Can Help Ensure Quality & Accountability?

    It is recommended that specifications include these items, which must be required from the supplier:


    1. System manufacturer shall prepare layout drawings including product description, connection and framing details, fastener types and spacing.
    2. Submittals shall include a Letter of Certification that the system’s FRP components shall be manufactured and fabricated in the system manufacturer’s ISO 9001-2015 certified facility.


    1. System manufacturer shall manufacture and fabricate all FRP components in its own facility, which must be ISO 9001-2015 certified.
    2. System manufacturer shall have complete responsibility for system design, drawings, products, and materials.

    Fiberglass-manufacturing-plantEngineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Project Management are “Under One Roof” at Enduro Composites, Inc.

    In addition, Enduro Composites offers conceptual design and specification assistance plus installation services for tank covers and baffle wall.

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