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    Fiberglass roofing panels are specially produced to thrive in harsh conditions that come with the territory of industrial, wastewater treatment, and commercial plants. But what sets them apart from traditional metal roofing, and how could FRP better serve your work environment? Cost, weight, durability, and ease of installation are generally the most important factors when choosing a roofing material.

    Corrugated fiberglass is resistant to insect damage, rot, elevated temperatures, harsh chemicals, and more all while having high tensile strength. Additionally, fiberglass is extremely easy to work with as it may be cut, drilled, sawed, etc., without suffering damage and is easy to install. 

    These are all major reasons why owners, maintenance, and plant personnel prefer corrugated FRP for their industrial applications.

    Corrugated Fiberglass Roof Panels Are Perfect for Industrial Applications

    Fiberglass roofing panels work well for industrial applications because they are scalable, low-cost, easy to install, and interact well with other materials. 

    • Scalable for any installation: Corrugated fiberglass roofing panels are popular in industrial settings because they can be easily scaled for any project. Fiberglass is very versatile and doesn't require much in terms of making changes to its shape so it can be scaled up for larger installations or down for smaller projects.
    • Low Cost: FRP is strong, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install. All of these factors contribute to an overall lower life cycle cost for fiberglass corrugated panels when compared to other materials like steel or aluminum. While traditional materials often have a lower upfront cost, their need for maintenance and replacement will ultimately be more costly in the long run.
    • Easy to transport and install: Thanks to lightweight fiberglass roofing panels, they are incredibly easy to handle, transport, and install. In addition, the flexibility and versatility of fiberglass mean no special equipment is necessary to install. 
    • Works great with other materials: There are many solutions that exist to combine fiberglass with other materials and construction elements. FRP composites may be the missing puzzle piece to complete a project you already have in the works.
    • Long lifetime and ease of maintenance: Looking back at the low-cost bullet point, you already know that other materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum, etc., may be cheaper upfront, but they are not as durable as fiberglass. FRP lasts longer than many materials, it is durable against aggressive heat/chemicals/elements, and is easy to clean and maintain. All of which makes it a sustainable choice that will give you the most value for your budget.

    Common Applications of Fiberglass Roofing Materials

    Enduro fiberglass manufactures UL-listed and FM-approved for use as exterior and interior building panels. With superior corrosion resistance and strength, Enduro fiberglass panels offer long-term architectural benefits. Some common applications of fiberglass roofing materials include:

    • Roofing & siding for industrial and commercial buildings
    • Daylighting translucent roof panels
    • Single-skin or insulated systems
    • Walkable roof options
    • Factory or warehouse roofing
    • Commercial walkways, office buildings, parking lots, and more
    • Residential awnings, patio decks, greenhouses, gazebos, carports, etc. 

    If you're unsure if an FRP solution will fit your project's needs, get in touch with one of our building product experts.

    Other Benefits of Fiberglass Roofing Panels

    While you likely know that fiberglass roofing panels are the most cost-efficient and sustainable option, there are still a handful of other important benefits to choosing FRP for your corrugated roofing panels.

    • Translucent: They will reduce the amount of artificial illumination (and electricity) needed; plus, this material is perfect and easy skylight material, comes in different shapes available to nest with different corrugated roofing and other materials, and allows for different light transmission percentages available. FRP roofing panels offer ultimate versatility.
    • Materials: FRP corrugated roofing panels from Enduro can be solid or translucent in a wide range of colors, including nominal color matching so that your project is customized just how you need it.
    • Quality: Varying levels of quality are available for more rugged or heavy-duty applications vs. smaller, less demanding locations. Whether you have a large-scale industrial application or a smaller commercial project, fiberglass roofing panels can fit your project.
    • Fit specialized applications: Because FRP is highly adaptable, it can be used in functions such as walkable roofs, wash-down liner panels, onshore and offshore wind walls, tank covers, or feed wells.

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