Electric Utility Products

Enduro’s composite crossarm product is uniquely designed and manufactured for the demands expected by electric utility technical and field personnel. Enduro Composites provides innovative and lasting solutions for challenging conditions within infrastructure and industrial markets positioning customers to focus on their purpose.

We promise to deliver value to our markets by passionately innovating, faithfully meeting customer commitments and providing superior customer service.

A source for lasting solutions for challenging conditions, Enduro Composites has a long history as a world leader in the manufacture and development of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products across a broad spectrum of applications. Our proven history of successful installations for over 50 years as demonstrated in the building products, electrical cable management, utility and field service industries give our clients the peace of mind required for a structural solutions provider.

The infrastructure technology and products we manufacture and innovate will remain critical to communities and the infrastructure surrounding them. Therefore, we will press forward in delivering high performance solutions while continuing to invest in innovative products and services to support utility electrical grids and water/wastewater systems through the products we deliver.

Crossarm Configurations

Enduro FRP composite crossarms can be customized to various configurations.

For more information about Enduro Crossarms, please contact us or download the Enduro FRP Composite Crossarm Guide.

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Why Choose FRP Composite Crossarms

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite crossarms offer several benefits over traditional crossarms made from materials like wood or steel.

Corrosion Resistance

Highly resistant to corrosion, FRP composite crossarms are able to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, chemicals and UV radiation, making them ideal for use in coastal areas and other challenging environments.

Fire Retardance

Enduro’s FRP composite crossarms are equipped with self-extinguishing flame retardant technology to minimize fire-related risks to electrical lines, surrounding communities and ecosystems.

Lightweight Properties

Much lighter than traditional wood or steel crossarms, FRP composite crossarms are easier to transport and install, reducing installation time and costs. Lightweight construction materials also reduce on-the-job injuries related to material handling.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Despite being lightweight, FRP composite crossarms can support heavy loads without bending or breaking, making them ideal for use in high-voltage distribution lines to strengthen the electrical grid and prevent failures

Lower Maintenance

Unlike traditional crossarms, FRP composite crossarms are virtually maintenance-free.

Longer Life Cycles

FRP composite crossarms have a long service life and can last up to 50 years or more. This reduces replacement costs and downtime associated with maintenance and repairs.


FRP composite crossarms are non-conductive and reduce the risk of electrical accidents, and therefore enhance safety for utility field personnel.

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