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    Baffle walls and baffle systems are pre-engineered walls designed for potable water and wastewater treatment flow control. Wastewater treatment is an essential process for many industries, and because this water often contains harsh contaminants such as acid, bleach, dyes, petroleum byproducts, sludge, and more, it’s essential that you have the right equipment and systems in place.

    Enduro water and wastewater products are built from the ground up, specifically with water treatment in mind. Products like our baffle walls offer flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, and affordability for various applications.

    What is a Baffle Wall?

    As mentioned above, these are walls that are designed especially to control water flow and retention times in water and wastewater treatment plants. They are flow control systems, and baffle walls can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and ultimately can prevent debris, like the contaminants listed above, from getting out.

    What’s the purpose of a baffle wall in water treatment?

    Baffle walls in water treatment ensure that water is safe to be discharged and ultimately can lower the chances of water stress. Their main purpose is to control water flow and retention and thanks to our engineering team, our FRP baffle walls weigh 90% less than concrete systems, ultimately reducing loads on tank walls and floors, especially retro-fit applications.


    What are the benefits of Enduro’s baffle wall systems?

    In the past, baffles and baffle walls for water treatment have been made from materials such as redwood which does not hold up to modern-day water treatment. Fiberglass has proven to be a stronger alternative that is corrosive resistant and able to withstand ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, and other challenging conditions.

    Enduro’s fiberglass baffle systems are pre-engineered structural walls and columns specifically designed for submerged flow control applications for water and waste treatment facilities. Fiberglass baffles are lower in installation cost and can be installed much more quickly than traditional concrete and concrete block systems. Additionally, Enduro baffles are packaged as kits and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

    Baffle walls control the flow of water and increase residence time, while partition walls separate zones or enhance mixing. Our baffle and partition walls are made up of fiberglass panels, angles, and framing members.

    With a superior combination of strength and corrosion resistance, Enduro baffle wall systems offer industry-leading design flexibility and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for both new projects and retrofits.

    Custom FRP Solutions

    Enduro has experience engineering custom-designed baffle walls and baffle systems. For example, one project required baffle walls to eliminate dead spots in the water treatment basin. These baffle panels needed to have a long service life and capable of long spans to minimize structural framing. Additionally, all products had to be third-party certified to NSF standards for the processing of potable water.

    We custom-designed AquaSpan™ H Baffle Panels specifically for use as a structural baffle wall. A premium resin system was developed to guarantee corrosion resistance, long service life, and meet the NSF certification requirements. Our custom structural baffle walls eliminated dead spots and helped secure “first in, first out” water flow. These panels have lasted over two decades and remain in service today in the chlorine contact basins at the Carrollton Plant in New Orleans. You can read more in our case study here.

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