Water Treatment Plant Installs Custom FRP Baffle Wall Application

Water & Wastewater: Baffle Wall
Water & Wastewater: Baffle Wall

Project Type

Carrollton Water Treatment Plant
Enduro Fiberglass Baffle Panel Installation 1996


Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans

Scope of Work

Custom Design and Supply of Fiberglass Baffle Panels

Enduro Products

AquaSpan™ Baffle H Panel

Application Summary

To eliminate (water flow) dead spots in the water treatment basin at the Carrollton WTP in New Orleans, LA, baffle walls were needed. The baffle panels needed to be capable of long spans to minimize structural framing and corrosion-resistant for long service life. The options at that time were redwood baffle planks, with their associated environmental concerns, and conventional fiberglass panels. The products were required to be third-party certified to NSF standards for the processing of potable water.

Enduro’s FRP Solution

For this application, Enduro custom-designed AquaSpan™ H Baffle Panels specifically for use as a structural baffle wall. The material’s premium resin system was developed to ensure corrosion resistance, long service life, and to meet NSF certification requirements. Features of the design included 2.75” panel depth, which enabled the contractor to form slots in the concrete columns to eliminate structural angles and fasteners. The design concept was the forerunner of the innovative Enduro Slide Guide design, which now includes FRP beams with built-in slide guide angles. The Enduro ribbed panel configuration, panel depth 1/4” thickness, and 60% glass fiber reinforcing content resulted in a panel of exceptional strength and significantly decreased framing requirements. The structural baffle walls eliminated dead spots and helped ensure “first in, first out” water flow.

The panels have lasted more than 20 years in the chlorine contacts basins at the Carrollton Plant in New Orleans and remain in service today. This has included standing up to the severe winds from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and other harsh conditions during this timeframe. In addition to outstanding service, the FRP panels have offered a more environmentally friendly option as compared to redwood planks.


Leonard Hirsch, Civil Engineer, Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans

“The AquaSpan™ Baffle Panels from Enduro Composites have met our expectations and requirements. We have had no issues with the materials, which have been maintenance free since they were installed in 1996.”

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