FRP Building Products Used for Salt Storage Building

Salt Facility Building Panels

Project Name


Salt Warehouse Roof New York, USA

Enduro Products Used


Tuff Span™ FRP Panels

Tuff Span™ FRP Structural Members

Enduro FRP Ridge Vents
Stainless Steel Hardware

Weathertight Accessories


Salt-Storage-FacilityApplication Summary

The project was to replace the roofing panels, purlins and ridge ventilation system on a salt storage building. The previous roofing panels had weathered and the steel purlins had deteriorated from corrosion. The roofing materials are continuously exposed to salt’s corrosive nature as well as high snow loads during winter months. In addition to the client needing corrosion-resistant products with adequate structural performance to avoid the significant time and cost of additional future roof maintenance, they also realize the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing, light-transmitting roof cladding with increased UV stabilization.

American Rock Salt B19 Roof_CroppedEnduro’s FRP Solution

Tuff Span™ FRP roofing panels, 8F6 FRP purlins for secondary framing, and FRP ridge vents manufactured by Enduro Composites were chosen for this facility due to the application requirements. Tuff Span™ panels utilize premium, isophthalic polyester resin for superior corrosion resistance and increased UV protection designed for environments with continuous exposure to salt. Tuff Span™ 8F6 beams, also utilizing iso-polyester resin, are a tubular flanged shaped beam providing long span framing capabilities without the use of lateral bracing and a limited amount of clips. This system greatly reduces corrosion concerns and installation costs. Tuff Span™ panels are offered in a wide range of opaque and translucent colors with premium UV inhibitors and shop-applied acrylic polymer coating. Translucent white panels were chosen providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance while increasing natural light for the facility personnel. These noted benefits of Tuff Span™ will provide a long-term, structurally performing roofing system.

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