Flanged Tube Beams Support Two HCl Acid Storage Tanks

HCI Acid Tank Installation

Highlighted Installation


HCl tank farm at a Hot-dip Galvanizer 

Florida, USA

Enduro Products Used



Tuff Span™ FRP Flanged Tube Beams 

Tuff Span™ FRP Roofing & Siding Panels



The unique, efficient shape of Enduro Composite’s Tuff Span flanged tube beams is designed for high loads and long span capabilities. This design eliminates the need for lateral bracing commonly required with FRP I beams and C channel. Additional features include excellent corrosion resistance, light weight compared to steel and class 1 flame spread rating per ASTM E84. Tuff Span flanged tube beams prove to be the ideal solution for structural supports in corrosive environments with installations worldwide, including more than 35 facilities of current American Galvanizers Association members.


The HCl acid storage tank area of a steel pickling plant was under constant attack from corrosive fumes and potential leaks from the storage tanks. These conditions resulted in a short service life of the metal structural and building components requiring substantial maintenance and replacement costs. The end user was in search of a cost effective, corrosion resistant long-term solution. 


Enduro Composites successfully supplied 18F17 flanged tube beams to support two acid tanks weighing 165,000+ pounds each when full. In addition, Enduro Composites supplied 18F17 primary building framing, 8F6 secondary building framing and Tuff Span FRP roofing and siding panels to create a building structure surrounding and containing the HCL tank farm. 

Beams for Acid Tanks


By utilizing Enduro’s Tuff Span FRP flanged tube beams for the tank support structure and the primary and secondary framing of the building, along with Tuff Span FRP roofing and siding, the customer greatly reduced corrosion concerns and recurring maintenance costs and downtime for the tank farm area. This installation will ultimately provide significant long-term cost savings. 

A Closer Look

The flanged tube shape increases structural properties and contributes to easy installation. Covering a broad range of structural requirements, flanged tube sections are available in 8”, 12” and 18” depths. 

Flanged Beam Diagram-3

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