Fiberglass Cladding Roof Replacement Due to Acid Neutralization Process

Enduro New Roof Photo_02-16-22

Highlighted Installation


Acid Neutralization Roof

Alabama, USA

Enduro Products Used


Tuff Span™ Roofing Panels

Tuff Span™ 8F6 FRP Purlins

FRP Gravity Vent w/36” Throat



The client experienced failure of the metal roofing due to the highly corrosive environment of the acid neutralization process. This shortened lifespan of the metal cladding results in increases to maintenance costs and unnecessary operation downtime potentially impacting the plant’s profitability.

Application Summary

The project included replacing the building’s framing members, roofing, 36” throat ridge ventilators, flashing and accessories with materials more suited for the chemically aggressive environment providing a longer service life.


To meet these challenging conditions, the client chose Enduro Composites’ premium fiberglass products. Offering superior combination of corrosion resistance, structural performance and UV protection, Tuff Span™ FRP building products are ideally suited for challenging conditions involved with metals processing including acid neutralization, pickling operations, plating and other aggressive processes.

After installation of Tuff Span materials, this plant experienced a hurricane event including extreme wind pressures. Confirmed by the testimonial below, the Tuff Span fiberglass materials are providing the performance needed for this facility to operate efficiently.


“The Tuff Span materials look great! After the hurricane came through the area, we don’t see any issues from below or leaks so all should be well.”

- Maintenance Planner, Americas


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