Coatings for Chemical Plant

Coatings for Chemical Plant Case Study

Project Name


Coatings for Chemical Plant Gulf Coast, Texas

Enduro Products Used

Carboline Plasite 145  

Application Summary

This Coatings application was performed in a chemical facility on the Gulf Coast. From previous issues encountered the customer determined the need for a safer flooring surface for equipment and employees in the area. There was degradation of the concrete slab in this production area causing an unsafe working environment & tripping hazards. The cause of the problem was from the spilling of chemicals from multiple chemical sampling stations as well a general lack of housekeeping - washing of spills, etc.

Enduro’s Solution

Enduro’s Field Service Coatings group pressure washed to clean the surface and removed the damaged and compromised concrete. PH levels were neutralized in the affected area preventing recurrence. Damaged concrete was restored and built up using a polymer grout mixture. A Novalac chemical resistant coating system was then applied to prevent future corrosion issues to the concrete slab.

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