Water Reclamation Plant Aeration Process Improvements


Project Name


Valencia Water 

Reclamation Plant Aeration Process Improvements

California, USA

Enduro Products Used



The client was in need of a FRP baffle wall for its aeration basin that offered long, maintenance-free service and resist corrosive operating conditions. In addition, they required an integral doorway for operator accessibility.


Enduro provided its AquaSpan™ Type H Baffle System for use as a structural baffle wall.  The material’s premium resin system ensures corrosion resistance, long service life, and meets NSF certification requirements. The Enduro ribbed panel configuration, panel depth 1/4” thickness, and 60% glass fiber reinforcing content produces a panel of exceptional strength and significantly decreases framing requirements. Operators appreciate the baffle wall’s integral door, which offers two-way access. Door includes Enduro Type H baffle panels and utilizes Enduro FRP beam for framing. 



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