Form Deck Installation at Historic Suspension Bridge


Highlighted Installation


Waco Suspension Bridge 

Texas, USA

Enduro Products Used

Tuff SpanTM FRP Form Deck  


The historical Waco suspension bridge was rehabilitated in 1914. Due to corrosion of the deck, cable and anchors another extensive rehabilitation was needed. With constant moisture from the Brazos River below, the engineering team sought a form deck with high strength but light weight, corrosion resistant, and visually appealing for this historical landmark near downtown Waco, TX.

Application Summary

The form deck needs to: Support wet concrete dead load with minimal deflection, provide extended service life of the concrete and reinforcing bars by eliminating corrosion and maintain a visually appealing appearance to a historical landmark. 


Offering superior strength and stiffness along with unsurpassed corrosion resistance Enduro Tuff Span™ form deck is ideally suited to provide a temporary form until concrete is fully cured and a permanent corrosion resistant barrier increasing the life span of the bridge in these conditions. The Tuff Span form deck utilizes premium vinyl ester resin and high tensile strength bi-directional glass reinforcement with the glass encompassing 50% of the panel weight. This results in a solution with excellent corrosion resistance, minimal deflection and long-term retention of structural properties. 


“Product was easy to install and the customer service was excellent!”
- Alex Hammes, Vice President, IBCTX, LLC 

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