Increasing Baffling Efficiencies in Existing Potable Water Reservoir

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Project Name

Potable Water Reservoir


Arizona, USA

Enduro Products

FRP “D” Series Baffle Wall System
FRP 12F12 Columns
FRP Secondary Framing Member
FRP Doors
FRP Angle
Stainless Steel Hardware

Application Summary

The Town of Gilbert, Arizona, under contract with Carollo Engineer and PCL Construction, determined value in increasing their baffling efficiencies in an existing potable water reservoir, pump station, and well conversion project at their 4MG water treatment plant. With the aged foundations, it was essential to utilize a lightweight baffle system while still adequately meeting the design loads.

Enduro’s Solution

Enduro’s FRP baffle wall system including the “D” Series Baffle panels, 12F12 FRP beams (columns), FRP doors, FRP accessories and stainless-steel hardware was utilized on the project. With its lightweight but high strength properties, as well as excellent corrosion resistance standing up to the harsh process conditions, Enduro’s FRP system was chosen as the best solution for the project. Enduro provided subject matter expert assistance from specification, design, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation through inspection for commissioning ensuring optimal value for the client.


Michael Fay, Superintendent, PCL Construction, Inc.

“Great experience working with Enduro to find a solution for increasing efficiencies in our water reservoir that holds four million gallons of water.”

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