Cable Management for Copper Solvent Extraction - Electrowinning


Project Name


Copper Solvent Extraction / Electrowinning Processing Units 

Sonora, Mexico

Enduro Products Used


Ladder Cable Tray 

Molded Fitting 

Structural / Mechanical Products 

Instrument Mounting Stands / Racks 

Custom Tray Covers & Supports 



The solvent extraction and electrowinning process used for refining copper includes significant concentrations of sulfuric acid. Metal cable tray components do not perform well in these operations resulting in excessive maintenance, replacement costs and production downtime. 

Application Summary

Cable Management components must have:

  1. Ability to withstand tough operating conditions
  2. Ability to handle cable and other design loads over its service life
  3. UV protection for long service life


Copper-Mine-Cable-Tray-1-lowresOffering superior combination of corrosion resistance, structural performance, and UV protection, Enduro’s FRP/GRP cable management products are ideally suited for these challenging conditions. The material’s premium grade, isophthalic polyester or vinyl ester resin system is resistant to chemical attack and continuous wet conditions and ensures long-term performance. The peaked covers added protection for cables where needed eliminating product building up and unnecessary weight to the cable tray system. Its UV stabilized resin ensures extended color retention and service life. 

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