Rendering Facility Uses Tuff Span FRP Building Components

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Rendering processes produce continuous, wet conditions. In addition, building components at rendering operations are exposed to frequent wash downs with heavy- duty industrial cleaners. These conditions result in short service life for metal or wood framing, roof and wall panels. Maintenance and replacement costs are significant.

Application Summary

Roof and wall panels along with secondary framing members must have: 1) ability to withstand tough, operating conditions; 2) ability to handle building loads over its service life; 3) UV protection to provide long service life and retain satisfactory appearance; 4) ability to support foot traffic in some cases.

Enduro’s FRP Solution

Offering a superior combination of corrosion resistance, structural performance, and UV protection, Tuff Span FRP building components are ideally suited for the challenging conditions at rendering operations. The material’s premium grade, isophthalic polyester resin system is resistant to chemical attack and continuous wet conditions and ensures long-term retention of structural properties. Formulated with higher content of glass fiber reinforcements, Tuff Span roof and siding panels offer structural performance superior to other non-metallic options. Its UV stabilized resin and protective coating ensures extended color retention and service life. Under Enduro Composites’ guidelines, some Tuff Span panels safely support foot traffic.

Final Results

Tuff Span FRP building components have delivered long service life and huge life cycle cost savings for numerous rendering facilities and building owners. Enduro’s history of success with rendering operations includes 235+ orders totaling over 1,400,000 SF of roof and siding panels furnished to 60+ plants dating back to 1984.

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