Ogden Minerals Recovery

Minerals Recovery Routing outdoor electrical cables

Project Name


Ogden Minerals Recovery Utah, USA

Enduro Products Used

Wall Sleeve Transition Adaptor
Tuff Span™ Siding Panels

Application Summary

A facility that produces and processes large amounts of salt, potash, and magnesium chloride required a corrosion-resistant solution for routing outdoor electrical cables into the plant while protecting against the rain through the transition. The solution entailed an assembled piece of flashing that would limit water from coming in through the opening while allowing for cable tray to be securely attached and supported both entering and exiting the building.

Enduro’s Solution

Enduro Composites custom designed and engineered a special wall sleeve using isophthalic polyester resin for superior corrosion resistance and increased UV protection designed for environments with continuous exposure to salt brine. Utilizing a combination of FRP structural angle & Tuff Span™ siding panels, the wall sleeve was able to connect the exterior sides of the ladder channels allowing the cable tray to attach to the wall, providing both support and weather protection, while allowing cables to transition from outdoors to indoors.

Final Results

Utilizing a combination of high-strength glass and premium resins, Enduro engineered and delivered a long-term, structurally performing cable routing solution that will hold up in the most challenging environments.

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