Odor Control Tank Cover Installed at Grease Receiving Station

Water & Wastewater: Odor Control XL6 Tank Cover

Project Name

Odor Control Improvement Grease Receiving Station Cover


Arizona, USA

Year Installed


Enduro Products

Tuff Span™ XL6 FRP Tank Cover Panels

Application Summary

The client was in need of a cover system that would reduce odors, resist corrosive environment and block sunlight (UV) out of the process. In addition, they required a cover that would provide a safe, walkable surface for plant personnel.

Enduro’s Solution

Enduro provided a fully gasketed, walkable, odor control cover system with a low profile to help meet the owner’s needs.


“They do their job and control the odor problem; we sometimes forget they are there. They also stand up to sun exposure. You don’t get much worse than Arizona especially at our elevation, as you can see 10 years later and they have done their job.”

- Operator, City of Flagstaff, AZ


Download Odor Control Improvement Grease Receiving Station Cover