FRP Group Repair Leaking Process Line

replace FRP pipe

Project Name


Westlake Chemicals
Chlor-Alkali Expansion
Chemical Plant, Freeport, TX.

Enduro Products Used


Derakane 470 Resin

1.5 oz. Chopped Strand Mat 

24 oz. Woven Roving


Application Summary

Enduro Field Services FRP group was called out after hours to make repairs to a process line that was affected by freeze damage. These damaged lines had this plant completely shut down. Enduro’s crew analyzed the problem and found a 24” line that had multiple leaks in need of repair. Many of the leaking areas were blocked by other pipe and equipment causing access issues.

Enduro’s Solution

Enduro’s Field crews cut out and replaced existing pipe and made repairs/modifications to the leaking FRP pipe, using Derakane 470 Resin and Chopped Strand Mat and Woven Roving. Piping was replaced, welded back together and put back into process without any leaks or further repairs needed. This job was done safely and in record time allowing the site to start back up again.


“I want to send out a huge thank you to the Enduro employees for their help in getting what was billed as the ‘hottest job’ in our facility during the freeze. We had a 24” FRP line that had to be cut out, make underground repairs, then weld back FRP pipe in place and your guys did it in rapid time and got creative to help us make it work to get back online a day earlier than expected!” -D. R. S.


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