Custom Fiberglass Capboards used in Solvent Extraction

custom capboards

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Custom Fiberglass Capboards 


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Solvent Extraction / Electrowinning Electrolytic Cells


Capboards used in the electrowinning equipment are continuously submerged in a slurry containing sulfuric acid. As tank sizes vary, capboard sizes are custom for each application. 

Application Summary

1) For long, reliable service, the capboards must be able to withstand continuous exposure to the concentrated slurry, which contains sulfuric acid. It must also have the durability to stand up to the electrolytic process.

2) The capboards must adhere to stringent shape tolerances and consistently meet high quality standards needed for equipment functionality.

3) As manufacturer of the custom capboards, Enduro must be able to design and produce pultrusion dyes with short lead times. Enduro must also have manufacturing flexibility to accommodate fast and sometimes short production runs.


As a long-time solution provider for copper ore extraction, Sunwest Supply, Inc.’s equipment is recognized worldwide for its value to electrowinning operations. As part of its service, the Sunwest technical staff provides engineering expertise to analyze each custom application and design the equipment needed to meet the requirements.

The structural capboards are manufactured by pultrusion process to ensure durability along with precise and consistent quality. The capboards utilize premium grade, vinyl ester resin to withstand the sulfuric acid exposure. As the manufacturer of the capboards for over 15 years, Enduro Composites understands and has delivered the fast reaction time that Sunwest needs to meet its customers’ requirements.

With its diverse manufacturing capability and engineering expertise, Enduro Composites has assisted many OEM clients with design and supply of custom products.