Wastewater Plant Installs Walkable Launder & Tank Cover Combination

Water & Wastewater: Launder Cover

Spotlight On

FRP Material Performance and Life Cycle Over 20 Years

Project Type

FRP Launder Cover and Tank Cover Combination


City of Rome, New York

Scope of Work

Designed and Provided Tuff Span™ Tank Cover and Custom Launder Covers with FRP Structural Support.

Enduro FRP Products Used

Tuff Span™ and Walkable Enduro Launder Cover with Access Hatches

Application Summary

Due to the need for odor control and algae growth inhibition in a sludge thickening tank, the client needed a cost-effective and corrosive resistant tank cover. In addition, the launder area needed to be walkable as well as provide uniform access in a flat configuration. Due to the corrosive nature of H2S gases and constant exposure to a wastewater environment, a key performance requirement was minimal maintenance with a long life cycle.

Enduro’s FRP Solution

For the primary tank area, Enduro chose to provide Tuff Span™ panels that could be provided in a flat orientation to minimize the volume of air to be removed in the air space above the water level. Since this area did not require the need for regular walkability, the Tuff Span™ panel proved particularly effective with the spans needed and budget limitations.

For the launder area, the solution was to provide Enduro Launder Covers with integrated access hatches that were both flat and walkable. The combination of pultruded material and molded panels placed on FRP structural material was an excellent choice given the access needs and minimal maintenance requirements.

To date, the cover(s) have been in service for 21 years.


David Marino, Working Supervisor for the City of Rome, “Very Satisfied. Excellent product. They have been practically maintenance-free for 21 years and still look like new.”

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