Odor Control Digester Cover


Project Name


Ridgefield Odor Control Digester Cover

Washington State, USA

Enduro Products Used


XL3 FRP Tank Cover
FRP Support Beams,

Hatches & Flashing
Gooseneck Vent, Hardware, Sealants & Gaskets



To meet odor control regulations, Brown and Caldwell, the owner’s consultant, determined that installing an odor control system and flat odor control covers over the facility’s digester would be part of the solution. The scope of work involved design, fabrication, and supply of support framing and removable flat covers for one 20 ft x 20 ft concrete aerobic digester. With a challenging timeline and for a competitive bid process, the district and Brown and Caldwell selected (2) aluminum manufacturers and (1) FRP (Enduro Composites, Inc), which were required to meet specified performance criteria with an emphasis on the timeline of the system deliverables.


After competing in the formal bid process and participating in the design process, which included design and specification assistance, Enduro was awarded the contract for the supply of the flat odor control cover system. The Enduro cover system included XL3 cover panels, FRP support beams, FRP hatches along with associated connections, stainless steel hardware, and accessories. Aside from meeting the strict performance requirements, Enduro was awarded the project for the value and trust it offered to meet the client’s timeline requirements. After contract award, Enduro successfully exceeded submittal and delivery requirements due to their ability of having design, engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication under one roof along with the dedicated efforts of the project management, engineering, and operations team.


“Enduro’s support and ability to maintain schedule has been appreciated throughout the procurement process.”

– B. Sanguinetti, Construction Program Manager, Water Treatment Plant



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